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Taoerning Medical Equipment Co., Ltd started from July of 2013. Our Company is located in the Industrial Cluster, Zhengyang County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, China. Our factory covers a total area of 42,624㎡, among which the production workshops cover 24,200 ㎡, including 100,000-grade purification workshop 19,355 ㎡, sterilization workshop 973 ㎡, warehouse 11,613 ㎡, laboratory center 300 ㎡. We have over 200 production equipments and 50 inspection equipments.

At Taoerning, we are passionate about improving and protecting the lives of people through high quality, innovative medical devices and services. We are a leading global manufacturer of specialty medical devices that provides innovative and protective solutions for the world’s healthcare markets. Specializing in medical masks, KN95 masks, band-aid, cotton swab and so on, our products are found in hospital, public areas, home, offices and special environments.

As a manufacturer, we mainly focus on producing Class I and II medical apparatus and instruments. We are proud to provide such a vast selection of medical products which are strictly according to the standards of Nation, industry, as well as the registration, the recorded product organization.

We have successfully gained the certificates of ISO9001, ISO 13485, CE,FDA. Taoerning people always take "Quality is the eternal theme" as our faith, and customers’ satisfaction as the goal, and devote all our efforts to offer customers with stable and sustained qualified products and services.



Zhumadian Taoerning Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.



Production Address: East of Jianshe Road, Industrial Cluster District, Zhengyang County, Henan Province, China

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